Tecknoworks and Datalogz Announce a Joint Strategic Partnership

Tecknoworks, a global technology consulting company, and Datalogz, the first-of-its-kind BI Ops solution, have announced a joint strategic partnership.

Tecknoworks and Datalogz Announce a Joint Strategic Partnership

New York, NY: Today, Tecknoworks, a global technology consulting company, and Datalogz, the first-of-its-kind BI Ops solution, have announced a joint strategic partnership.

Tecknoworks facilitates digital transformation and helps companies of all sizes, from startups to companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 clients, modernize their data and BI environments, including cloud data platforms, cloud migration, and cloud-managed services. Given the nature of the solutions Tecknoworks provides, their offering aligns well with Datalogz as a strategic partner. Both companies recognize the complexity of large organizations’ data-mature environments, including the inevitable BI sprawl.

BI sprawl happens when data users begin creating reports and insights without proper guardrails. It can negatively impact an organization in many ways:

  • Data mistakes cost $3.1 trillion per year (according to an IBM estimate)
  • 40% of reports are never consumed, driving wasted IT spend
  • Monitoring for risks and compliance is often overlooked

Both companies work with data-mature enterprises in different capacities to help alleviate BI sprawl. Tecknoworks, in partnership with Datalogz, will now offer its clients a Business Intelligence Ops solution that provides visibility into their BI environments. The Tecknoworks team will leverage Datalogz to identify the most significant risks and issues in their client’s business intelligence environments across Power BI and Tableau.

Datalogz’s recommendation engine will create AI-driven insights on optimizing and enhancing BI environments, which Tecknoworks will help implement for its clients. Tecknoworks has recognized this as a primary step that has to be taken before any project commences.

Through this visibility, Datalogz’s BI Ops platform can identify the following for Tecknoworks’ clients:

  • Downtime happening to users
  • Stale data being viewed by users
  • Unused reports and dashboards
  • Costly datasets going unused
  • Duplicate datasets causing unnecessary costs and confusion
  • Unendorsed datasets consumed regularly
  • Sensitive data being downloaded or shared
  • Overconsumption of resources causing slowness and errors
  • Unused premium features causing unnecessary licensing and dataset costs

Datalogz’s built-in recommendation engine will categorize each issue under ‘cost,’ ‘security,’ ‘compliance,’ and ‘misreporting’ and offer instant recommendations on how each can be fixed.

Through this partnership, Tecknoworks’ engagements can start by taking a proactive, targeted approach to any future work. Tecknoworks can provide its clients the visibility they need to identify and address BI sprawl, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective BI operations. With a commitment to ongoing innovation and digital transformation, this partnership is poised to deliver significant value to clients both now and in the future to thrive in a digital world.

"The partnership with Datalogz is a key step in our mission to provide world-class digital transformation services to our clients. By integrating Datalogz’s BI Ops platform with our expertise in cloud data platform and migration, we can help clients to modernize their data environments and reduce costs associated with BI sprawl. We are excited to work together to deliver innovative solutions that drive better decisions for our clients,” said Maarten Roerink, CEO at Tecknoworks.

“We are thrilled to partner with Tecknoworks to offer their clients the visibility and insights they need to address BI sprawl and optimize their data environments. By combining our BI Ops platform with Tecknoworks' expertise in digital transformation, we can provide a comprehensive solution that will help clients unlock the full potential of their data and drive meaningful business outcomes,” said Logan Havern, founder and CEO at Datalogz.

Both companies will be hosting a joint webinar in June on how to alleviate Power BI sprawl and reduce Azure cost. You can sign up for the webinar here: https://bit.ly/PowerBIsprawl

About Tecknoworks

Technoworks offers market-leading digital transformation services and solutions that help keep its customers ten steps ahead of the competition. The company became early advocates for analytics and BI, initiating data journeys for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies around the world. Cloud data services are at the core of its offerings, providing complete, integrated, and future-proof solutions for any imaginable data need. Tecknoworks is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics, Application Development, and Cloud Platform.

Press Contact :: Adrian Balint, adrian.balint@tecknoworks.com

About Datalogz

Datalogz is a venture-backed startup dedicated to bridging the gap in business intelligence environments. As the leading BI Ops platform that provides visibility into BI environments, they enable organizations to instantly cut costs, reduce risks, and increase BI efficiency. The team is comprised of elite data technology entrepreneurs and analytics leaders. Datalogz is always looking to bring on talent that aligns with its vision, mission, and values and put a premium on attracting and retaining the best talent.

Press Contact :: Tina Bhatia, tina@datalogz.io

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